Painted Pineapple Decor!

Posted by on 25 February '19

Get ready to throw a summer party with these Painted Pineapples. They are super easy to throw together, and make a great decor item for your summer get-together! The best part is you can cut these up and enjoy the pineapple once the party is over!


What you need:

2-3 Pineapples

Acrylic Paint ( get fun with this and pick your favorite, bright colors)

Paint Brush

Bowl for paint


Grab one of your pineapples and your acrylic paint of choice, and begin painting the leaves of the pineapple. Make sure to paint the bottom of the leaves as well. Paint all the way to the top, and let dry. Move on to your next pineapple and do the same until you have painted all three (or however many you purchased). Let them completely dry and set them on your dinner table as a center piece, or buffet table! The options are endless and they’re a super fun way to add some decor to whatever summer bash you throw this year!

We filmed this video in one of the beautiful model kitchens at Spogue Kitchen and Bath in Wayne, PA. Visit them for all your indoor and outdoor kitchen cabinetry and design needs!

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